open at 6am starting Sunday 4/1/18 weather permitting

Date may be earlier in March or a week later depending upon the weather.   Keep checking back here.



For as long as most of us can rememverticalpatronber, Rietta Flea Market has been one of the largest and most popular flea markets in the Northeastern U.S. The location is easy to find (see directions) on Route 68 in Hubbardston, Massachusetts.




riettamaplgRietta is open on  Sundays only from April through November

Hours:  Open for the season Sundays at 6am beginning April 2, 2017

Rietta Flea Market occupies acres and acres with a capacity for over 650 vendors and parking for thousands of cars. Sometimes Rietta Flea Market is affectionately referred to as Rietta Ranch.



parkinglot4Admission and parking are always free. Vendor spaces are $30. You can find almost anything at Rietta at one time or another.



underthetrees2Rietta Flea Market of Hubbardston is easily accessible by major routes being located 25 miles from Worcester MA, 50 miles from Springfield MA, 70 miles from Boston MA, 70 miles from Manchester NH, 60 miles from Brattleboro VT. Rietta Flea Market has been around for decades with a reputation of being one of the largest and most popular outdoor and indoor flea markets in the Northeastern U.S. Click for easy directions.            Rietta occupies several acres.     It has some very sunny spots and it has some very beautiful and shady spots.    Rietta in the Fall is just breathtaking.  Best of all, admission is always FREE!

Jay Greene- longtime vendor at Rietta Flea Market - HD Video 52 minutes 1920x1080 720x480 version

CLICK PHOTO for 52 minute HD Video 52 minutes 1920×1080 720×480 version


It’s a big place

rietta-aerialcompletevhJust how large is Rietta Flea Market?   This aerial view should give you an idea.   It’s huge.  Click the photo for a larger view.




Some regulations

RiettanopetsOpen Sunday from 6am to ? with FREE ADMISSION/ FREE PARKING!
Vendor spaces $30. Click here for details
Capacity for 650 vendors
Attracts thousands on a busy Sunday
Full Concession Area  Click here for details
Full Liquor Bar – BAR OPENS AT 10am




Open April thru November

Hours:  Open for the season Sundays at 6am beginning April 2, 2017

Just visit this website for updates.    We generally stay open through at least the last week of October and sometimes into November. (weather permitting)

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2016, 2017, 2040, 2060 and beyond.   Our goal is to be around at least another 100 years.    Thanks to our vendors and flea market customers for making Rietta Flea Market possible.

50yearskaleidascopeMany people ask about the history of Rietta Flea Market.   Here’s the scoop:  The late Rita Levesque launched a small entertainment venue called Rietta in 1966 and at some point in the couple of years after that established a small flea market with about 10 dealers.   Today, Rietta Flea Market can accommodate up to 650 vendors and generally has up to 400 every single Sunday.    Last year Rietta celebrated its 50th Anniversary!   Watch the 52 minute video in full HD 1920×1080  or 720×480

RiettapeopleRietta Flea Market is a busy place!

In the full video, the gentleman in the photo above who is handling his phone discusses meeting his wife at Rietta.


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